Limited Edition Corduroy Overcoat by Walker Slater


Limited Edition Corduroy Overcoat by Walker Slater


For years, we’ve received messages requesting that we speak more about “casual elegance” instead of focusing solely on “suiting” in the traditional sense of the word  (i.e., casual garments combined with suits for a toned-down look, or casual items worn completely independent of suits).

Today we have the joy to introduce our first collaboration with a brand we’ve grown to like very much at PG : Walker Slater in Edinburgh Scotland. Founded in the 1990’s by the English-born, Scottish-adopted designer Paul Walker, the eponymous brand enjoys an excellent reputation in Tweed retail, as well as garments made for Northern climates (like the UK), and occasional seasonal items, including Irish linen and special wool/silk blends.

Since around two years, Sonya has been among the first to predict a strong revival of the Corduroy, one of the fabrics reminiscent of the 70s and 80s. Today we can see she was right, as Corduroy is enjoying a strong comeback and is now present everywhere : in trousers of course, but also sport jackets, suits (even in bespoke tailoring) and, more recently, overcoats.

When we visited Paul Walker last April, on our way back from the islands of Lewis and Harris where we shot the documentary on Harris Tweed which you may watch on our YouTube channel SARTORIAL TALKS ,we had the pleasure to discover his work and literally fell in love with a prototype casually hanging in his studio (designed by a Swedish designer) : a stunning corduroy double-breasted overcoat in a mustard/corn color that I immediately tried on for a look. Though the overcoat was not my size (slightly large with long sleeves), I LOVED the look and feel of the garment, as shown below :

What I adore about the coat, beyond its evident thermic qualities (the coat will keep you warm), is its delicious “vintage” feel and immediate style element.  Even brand new, the coat reveals a certain  “patina” and definitive personality (with its generous collar). It is also probably one of the most versatile overcoat I own.

I’ve worn this double-breasted overcoat for too many occasions to mention : in a casual manner and a more classical way, and have managed to also pair it with a suit and necktie with no problem. Of course this corn/mustard color which I adore and is still my personal favorite, is not the most discreet color, but I find its strong personality especially appealing.

This is why we decided with Paul Walker, to propose to PG readers and followers, this superb and original overcoat in four superbly curated colours : Corn (mustard), Wine (bordeaux), Green (olive) and Blue (deep blue). Please note that this series of overcoats is a PG-only product which will  not be available anywhere else, not even at Walker Slater, as the prototype has been developed and preserved to be sold here at a very special price, in order to introduce readers to the work of Walker Slater in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This overcoat is part of the premium collection of Walker Slater called “Messrs” and has been designed by Kjell, a Swedish designer who works alongside Paul for special collections which are particularly cosmopolitan by nature.

The lining is a gorgeous Thistle print, designed by Frances Slater as a graphic representation of a thistle in repeat-pattern.  The cloth fabric is dyed, with the cotton lining absorbing a portion of the dye and then, the garment as a whole is washed and pre-shrunk.

In brief, this overcoat is a terrific creation in terms of comfort and design (with a hint of a Japanese feel), but also in terms of ease-of-use : it does not wrinkle and is very simple to maintain (machine wash at 30°, no tumble dry and ironing at a setting of 1). Moreover, the more you wear it, the more its vintage feel reveals itself, the more it becomes comfortable with a delicious patina.

The excellent news is that this formidable overcoat which (believe me) you will wear a lot, is offered exclusively to PG readers at the  incredibly affordable price of €450! Tax included, returns allowed. Only shipping will be added to this great value.

The double-breasted overcoat, christened “GREG”, is available in limited quantities in four colours, based on feedback from you, our readers :






In order to help you choose your size, Paul Walker has drawn the following useful sketch (Click to enlarge). Keep in mind this magnificent Corduroy is a casual garment, which means measurements don’t need to be as precise as dimensions for a suit coat or business jacket.


SIZE 46 EU / 36 UK 

1 – Chest : 106cm / 41.7″

2 – Waist : 102cm / 40.1″

3 – Sleeve Length : 66cm / 25.9″

4 – Shoulder to Shoulder : 45cm / 17.7″

5 – Back Length : 93cm / 36.6″

SIZE 48 EU / 38 UK

1 – Chest : 110cm / 43.3″

2 – Waist : 106cm / 41.7″

3 – Sleeve Length : 67cm / 26.3″

4 – Shoulder to Shoulder : 46cm / 18.1″

5 – Back Length : 94cm / 37″

SIZE 50 EU / 40 UK

1 – Chest : 114cm / 44.8″

2 – Waist: 110cm / 43.3″

3 – Sleeve Length : 68cm / 26.7″

4 – Shoulder to Shoulder : 47cm / 18.5″

5 – Back Length : 95cm / 37.4″

SIZE 52 EU / 42 UK

1 – Chest : 118cm / 46.4″

2 – Waist : 114cm / 44.8″

3 – Sleeve Length : 69cm / 27.1″

4 – Shoulder to Shoulder : 48cm / 18.8″

5 – Back Length : 96cm / 37.7″

SIZE 54 EU / 44 UK

1 – Chest : 122cm / 48″

2 – Waist : 118cm / 46.4″

3 – Sleeve Length : 70cm / 27.5″

4 – Shoulder to Shoulder : 49cm / 19.2″

5 – Back Length : 97cm / 38.1″

SIZE 56 EU / 46 UK

1 – Chest : 126cm / 49.6″

2 – Waist : 122cm / 48″

3 – Sleeve Length : 71cm / 27.9″

4 – Shoulder to Shoulder : 50cm / 19.6″

5 – Back Length : 98cm / 38.5″

SIZE 58 EU / 48 UK

1 – Chest : 130cm / 51.2″

2 -Waist : 126cm / 49.6″

3 – Sleeve Length : 72cm / 28.3″

4 – Shoulder to Shoulder : 51cm / 20.0″

5 – Back Length: 99cm / 38.9″


To place your order for this strictly-limited edition (a few dozen pieces have been produced for each color):

  • Send an e-mail to
  • Write the color and the size you wish to acquire
  • Indicate your address for the shipping fee calculation
  • Walker Slater will send you, by email, a secure link for payment
  • Once your payment is confirmed, you’ll receive your overcoat within 48 to 72 hours.


As you may know, I’m not a big fan of the casual movement, but must admit this overcoat is among the garments I wear the most during these last months, especially when I’m enjoying a weekend at home in the countryside or when I need a go-to garment in town. It is easy to coordinate, easy to wear, very comfortable and of irreproachable quality. This Corduroy double-breasted overcoat is, in my opinion, a “must-have”. And what an incredible value !


Cheers, Hugo