PG selection for the Holiday Season (Part 1)


PG selection for the Holiday Season (Part 1)


The holiday season is in full swing. Thus, we have selected for you a few different sartorial gift ideas.

As you may imagine, this sartorial selection has been highly curated by our team according to our standards in terms of quality and value.

The selection is  revealed to you in two parts : Part I today, and Part II tomorrow. All the items come, as usual, in limited quantities; thus, if you like what you see, we strongly urge  you not to loose time in regard to ordering the items you wish to be shipped during the season.


The “PG Only” limited edition of this stunning double breasted corduroy overcoat is still available in limited quantities. To see details,  please refer to the recent PG post below :

Limited Edition Corduroy Overcoat by Walker Slater

This beautiful and extremely versatile overcoat (casual chic) with luxurious lining, is available in four magnificent colours (Corn, Wine, Blue and Green) at an exceptional price of 450 euros (taxes included, shipping not included).

To order your overcoat (and receive it in time for Christmas), please send an email to the following address within the next few days:


This is the first time (but certainly not the last time) that we feature J. Hopenstand, a small artisanal leather goods company hailing from Switzerland. We recently discovered this brand and have been genuinely impressed by the indisputable quality of the products (fully handmade in France) and by the excellent value.

For this Holiday Season selection, we chose, with the Hopenstand family, two items we adore : an ultra-thin card holder and a reversible belt, both in Taurillon leather of great quality, with the chance to inscribe your name or initials on the card holder.

The Card Holder :

This ultra thin card holder is my current go-to wallet and for a (very) good reason : I’ve been struggling since years with my wallets because of concern for preserving the line and fit of my suits and jackets.

It’s almost impossible to carry a wallet in the pocket of your garment without “breaking” the line of your suit (because you add thickness, even if just a little, on top of the chest or waist area). This is the reason why I have carried, since decades, my wallet inside my briefcase. Yet, when I need to go outside without my briefcase (at night for example), I would drop one or two credit cards directly into a (buttoned) pocket. Obviously not the best solution.

I have used the ultra-thin taurillon leather card holder by J. Hopenstand for two months and for the first time in my “sartorial life”, I can carry a wallet in my jacket pocket without damaging its line and fit : a personal revolution!

Moreover the model we curated is featuring an invisible RFID-blocking film in order to protect the data of your credit cards (a very interesting feature as this new form of criminality is developing fast, especially with the generalisation of the contact-less payment).

This “PG model” (100% handcrafted in France) comes in a beautiful bicolor Taurillon (bull calf) grained leather (Black and Cognac) and features a central pocket and three slots on each side. It means you can carry six credit cards (or any card) as well as a few bank notes in the middle pocket without damaging the line of your beloved jackets. What a great product offered at a very competitive price of 145 euros (taxes included).

Rush to the following link to order this brilliant small luxury object : Card Holder PG Selection

Please note that during the Holiday Season the engraving of your initials on the card holder will be free of charge (I had my phone number engraved on mine, as contact information in case of loss).

For any question or request concerning this card holder, you can also directly contact J. Hopenstand at the following email address :

The reversible belt:

If you are a seasoned reader of these columns or if you are a subscriber of our YouTube channel (Sartorial Talks), you probably know that I’m not very fond of belts.

Nevertheless, in order to keep an open mind (and to please the numerous high quality belt lovers who read PG), I eventually decided to try a J. Hopenstand leather belt in grained bull calf. As the buckle can be removed, this belt is wearable on both sides, depending on your mood. And I must admit I’ve been happily surprised by the understated elegance and the obvious high quality of this beautiful belt. On top of this, the interlaced H and J of the buckle also happened to be my initials!

Thus, if you love to wear quality belts, I strongly recommend you consider acquiring  this wonderful model (black on one side and dark ebony brown on the other) with a palladium buckle.

Please note we speak of a truly reversible luxury product : for 240 euros (taxes included), you don’t purchase one but two belts as you can see below.

Follow the link to place your order as soon as possible in order to receive your belt(s) during the Holiday Season : Belt PG Selection


If you don’t own some socks by “Mes Chaussettes Rouges” it is almost a sartorial scandal ! Thus, we’ll give you an unmissable opportunity to right this wrong (or to add more socks to your collection from Mes Chaussettes Rouges with a wonderful Christmas offer).

In order to finish 2018 on the right foot (with the right socks), our friends Jacques and Vincent have decided to offer PG readers a free pair of the “Champagne” collection (that you can see here : Champagne Collection) for every order of 60 euros or more.

In order to be granted a free pair of Champagne socks please follow these instructions : when your shopping-cart will be over 60 euro, you’ll be able to use three codes : CHAMPAGNEMARINE (Dark Blue), CHAMPAGNECIEL (Light Blue) and CHAMPAGNEROUGE (Red).

In the order summary, simply type one of these codes in the “credit note reference” square and the free pair will appear with the mention “offered”.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to treat yourself, or to offer luxury socks to friends or family. As we all know, socks are always a good and useful gift idea.

Tomorrow, in Part II, we’ll introduce 12-ply ties and luxury gloves as well as delightful second-hand classic, affordable and highly curated timepieces.

Enjoy ! Hugo