The Truth about
Sartorial Talks
Episode 27


The Truth about Sprezzatura Sartorial Talks Episode 27


Episode 27 of Sartorial Talks is now online on our YouTube channel.

In this episode, I try to re-clarify the original meaning of the famous (and controversial) word “Sprezzatura” and explain how the word is often misinterpreted and misused, even by sartorial insiders.

I hope you’ll enjoy this episode, in which our dear friend G. Bruce Boyer is a central figure, as he’s been the one who shed the most light on the subject to date.

I also attempt to tackle in this episode, another controversial subject: the overuse ad nauseam of the word Dandy.

You may watch the episode below :


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To read further on the subject on contemporary dandyism, please see below the excellent article by John Slamson published in these columns :

The dandy and the elegant, An Editorial

Cheers, Hugo