Seven-Fold Ties Campaign with Howard’s Paris (PG10 code)


Seven-Fold Ties Campaign with Howard’s Paris (PG10 code)


Today we have the joy to launch a new “PG discount code” with one of PG’s historical partners : Howard’s Paris, with its impeccable founder, Frédéric Costa

If you are a seasoned reader here, you know the high esteem we have for Frédéric’s work at Howard’s and for his genuine passion for anything sartorial. You also probably know how much we like (and support) his relentless work in his neckwear collections which are now known (and respected) all around the world by an ever-growing crowd of elegant gentlemen.

Since the day we discovered Howard’s in January, 2013, and became involved in its well-deserved international expansion, many things have changed in the little boutique of the Rue d’Amsterdam in Paris.

First of all, in order to properly handle its international success, Frédéric, who has worked alone since the inception of his brand, recruited two people to help him take the company to the next level : Quentin Planchenault (@quenteu on Instagram), a well-known figure of the Parisian sartorial scene who is in charge of the Parisian boutique and Clémence who is in charge of the e-store and customer service.

Furthermore, the brand is now distributed outside of France with a (very) notable presence at Tokyo’s premium menswear department store Isetan, alongside two iconic French neckwear brands, Charvet and Hermès!

Further, the range of Howard’s neckties is now extensive enough to take care of all the style-needs of the modern gentlemen, from the most conservative businessman to the most daring sartorialist—from the beginner to the sartorial cognoscenti. Thus, the Howard’s seven-fold collection, which is the object of this PG code, offers many wonderful styles in different materials and finishings.

Today we are happy to announce the code PG10 (until March 31st at midnight) on all the seven- fold ties, at a 10% discount + a free shipping, wherever you live in the world.

In order to enjoy this time-limited offer, and try this unmissable Parisian neckwear brand at a very reasonable price:

  • Choose the model(s) you want by following this link (PG SEVEN FOLD CAMPAIGN)
  • Use the PG10 code upon checkout in the VOUCHER box

All Howard’s seven-fold ties are high level traditional pieces, which feature unique finishing details like a thread loop, a saddle stitching and a “travetto” (closure reinforcement) on the back of the tie. Howard’s is also one of the very last tie-makers in the world to incorporate in all its seven-fold ties, a useful feature called a pull-thread loop readjuster (“fil d’aisance” in French). This thread is to be pulled after the removal of the tie after a day of wear in order for the silk (or the wool) to go back to its original shape. This is a rare feature to be found, even on a luxury necktie.

In brief, Howard’s ties are among the most beautiful in the world and deserve a place on any gentleman’s tie rack.

The PG10 code (that you’ll type upon checkout on the VOUCHER box) works on any seven-fold tie you select. For a preview, here are some of my personal (and subjective) selections :


Even if the printing techniques on silk are progressing a lot in recent  years (especially with the new digital printing techniques), I confess to still having a soft spot for woven ties, i.e., ties whose patterns are created through the weaving of threads of different colours on “Jacquard” looms using punched cards.

I particularly like the PLISSIO model (see below), with its versatile rust and muted indigo motif in a discreet yet elegant pattern. This is the kind of tie you’ll wear more than you can imagine.

I also like the MONACI model (see below) which will be your best friend when you’ll have no time to choose your tie.

I also find the bolder design of the NOLEGGIO model (see below) particularly engaging, yet balanced, for those who like to make sartorial statements.


Two of my favorite models, among Howard’s large selection of printed silk ties, happen to be both classified as “Ancient Madder” silk models. Ancient madder ties are printed on a twill silk fabric treated with ‘gum arabic.’ The madder dyes combine with the gum silk to create a characteristic “hand” which is uniquely soft and chalky at the same time.

I like the LIGURE model with its soothing blue background and its discreet blue/rust pattern. A classic Madder tie.

I also like a lot its orange/rust sister the DILETTO, which features the same pattern but on a tastefully more daring colour (while remains easy to wear and to pair).


The wool tie is a Howard’s specialty, with a collection of 14 beautiful seven-fold models. I particularly enjoy the two models below.

The USURANA model can be easily paired with a variety of sport coats and suits–with a solid yet discreet personality.

The NEIRONE model with its wonderful 1950s “vintage” feel can make you step out of the crowd, and can work well with striped shirts (as it can be challenging to find the right tie to complement a shirt with a stripe).


Of course this personal selection is subjective to my taste; yet, all the 43 models in this seven-fold campaign are gorgeous and supremely crafted.

These wonders are offered, after discount, at an attractive price of 143 euros (+/- USD 160), shipment included no matter where you live on earth (regular price is 159 euros plus shipment).

The ties will be delivered promptly to your door in an exquisite box which may be used again later for storing beloved ties.

This is an unmissable occasion to discover (or re-discover) Howard’s neckwear which deserves, more than ever, a growing international recognition.

Cheers, Hugo

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PG / Howard’s Seven-Fold Ties Campaign : follow the link SEVEN FOLD TIES and use the code PG10 during checkout in the square called VOUCHER.