The magic code PGCU19 : New collaboration between Cobbler Union and PG


The magic code PGCU19 : New collaboration between Cobbler Union and PG

EDIT 09/13 : Good news ! The magic code is extended until November 30th at 12 AM !


After many requests, today we are launching a renewed collaboration with our friends at Cobbler Union, the great shoe company located in Atlanta (USA) and in Spain, with whom we have had a strong relationship since its creation in 2014.

If you are not familiar with this booming shoemaker, since its launch, Cobbler Union has been selling beautiful, well-crated shoes (made in Spain) at very competitive price, between $395 and $475.

Last September, 2018, we launched with Cobbler Union, the very first collaboration with a code reserved for PG readers, giving them access to a 10 percent discount, complimentary shoe trees and free shipping. We expected to move a few dozen pairs of these great models to customers around the world, as well as to help Cobbler Union to develop its well deserved notoriety.

Imagine our great surprise to witness precisely 197 pairs of shoes, bought with the PG code, from more than 15 countries around the world!

The speed of the sale caused acrobatic movements from within Cobbler Union—forcing them, when the demand was high on certain styles, to re-export back to Spain shoes which had already been imported to the US!

Thus today, we give you the good news that we have refined the process of ordering to make the logistics even easier for you.


PG readers using PGCU19 code this month, will enjoy: 

* A 10 percent discount on the total order (for all Goodyear models, or orders at or exceeding $395).

* Free shoe trees for each pair.

* Free shipping, regardless of your country of residence.

* Free returns/exchanges for European and American customers (and minimal cost for returns/exhanges outside Europe and the U.S.).

Thus, acquiring beautiful shoes at a preferential price will involve almost no risk, even for an online purchase, which is a real treat!

Also, to ease the process for international customers, Cobbler Union has set up an international site ( for European and non-US shoe orders, where shoes will be sent to you directly from the warehouse in Spain, within about five working days. 

What happiness!


Created in 2014, thanks to the seriousness of its products and exemplary customer service, Cobbler Union has made a name for itself in an increasingly saturated market (in which it becomes more and more difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff).

All shoes are Goodyear constructed (except, of course, the famous moccasin driving shoes) with designs which have been well-curated under the watchful eyes of owners Daniel Porcelli and Santiago Pereiro.

This PG Code represents a great opportunity for both young and more seasoned sartorialists–whether starting, consolidating or completing their personal shoe collection. Of course, as usual, you can count on our full support and are invited to contact us with any questions along the way.


Among a beautiful collection, among which it is sometimes difficult to chose, here is for your inspiration, styles which have been acclaimed by our readers:

* The Guillaume Boot (available in different colors, different types of soles and even bi-material) offered at the exceptional rate of 380 euros ($427), plus shoe trees and shipping is all-included!

* The Renoir Lace-Up Boot offered with the code PGCU19 for 337 euros ($382), with shoe trees and delivery included.

* The Oxford “Whole Cut” Miquel for a price of 301 euros ($355), with shoe trees and shipping included.

* The Balmoral Oxford Robert, proposed for 301 euros ($355), shoe trees and shipping included. A quintessential classic shoe that every gentleman should own.

* The “Penny Loafer” Henry (available in eight colors and materials), offered at the price of 301  euros ($355), shoe trees and shipping included.

In short, this collaboration is a great chance for you  to acquire serenely beautiful shoes and to enter into a relationship with a house whose customer service is excellent with precise order tracking and a particularly warm and pleasant contact.

Do not hesitate to contact them with any questions, or for additional information using the following email: (if you live in the USA) or if you live outside the USA.


1. Visiting the Cobbler Union website:

2. Select your settlement currency (in the menu at the top right where you can choose euro, dollar, pound etc.)

3. Choose your model (s), using the excellent “size and fit” page (a subsection of “About Us”), which explains the fit of each model to allow you to make the correct selection.

4. Enter, at the time of check-out, the following code: PGCU19 which gives you AUTOMATIC access to the 10 percent discount, free shoe trees and shipping – and free exchange/return with the US and Europe.

5. For an optimal follow up or for any reason, you can also send us an email to after your order has been placed.

This offer is valid through November 30th midnight.

So please, treat yourself gentlemen!

Cheers, Hugo

– – –

In summary to benefit from this exceptional offer, refer to:

USA Website

International Website :

Code: PGCU19 (to be used at check-out). Valid until November 30th at midnight.

Customer service: (for the USA)