How to Iron Your Shirt Like a Pro


How to Iron Your Shirt Like a Pro


being able to impeccably and quickly iron a shirt is a tremendous asset for any gentleman in life, in order to look sharp and ready for any circumstance.

A seemingly infinite number of methods exists, perhaps as many as the number of mothers on earth. Yet, the simple act of ironing  a shirt remains complex and obscure–and can create stress for many gentlemen.

In the ocean of the “best methods” available out there, we have selected this amazing educational video from Japan which is a masterpiece of liberating steam !

A sort of “artistic ironing” like only the Japanese dare to do….

It’s weird, beautifully filmed and edited, and very very educational!

In Japan, competitions for the best “ironer” are even held in public ! Take a look at this funny video (real action starts at 3’21”) :