How to Shine your Shoes like a Pro


How to Shine your Shoes like a Pro

© Atlan Bottier Paris / Pierre Pochan


all the studies and surveys in the world show that a well polished pair of shoes is the very first sign of a well educated gentleman and one of the first things that is noticed by others, especially women.

Since a few years, the art of domestic shoe shining has become very popular among shoe aficionados around the world and a lot of tutorials can now be found on the web.

The example that we hand-picked this morning for you may not be the most “orthodox” method technically speaking. But as it comes, once again, from the very creative Garra House in Japan (an obscure japanese brand who produced a series of stunning videos a few years ago and, yet disappeared with the website no more online), the artistic lesson is one very beautiful and engaging.

Shining one’s shoes at home is a very relaxing, inspiring and pleasant activity that many gentlemen consider as a fantastic break in the rush of modern life…