On the small blade of the tie


On the small blade of the tie


A few months ago, I shared an interesting video ( Knot it like an Italian ) which, to say the least, threw a bit of sand in some well-oiled habits pertaining to wearing the necktie. It was perfectly in line with the recommendations contained in a text by Michael Drake, which we published here, stating that “The length of the necktie is also very telling. In a perfect world, the tip of the tie should barely graze the edge of the belt, while both blades should be of the exact same length. If this is impossible to achieve, it is clearly preferable that the narrower blade, the tail, be slightly longer that the front blade.”

I did test this twist, and left the tail hanging a tad lower than the front blade of my necktie. I must admit that I quite like it, despite of the occasional surprised looks, and even slightly baffled comments, it garners.

To temporary close the debate, see above a photo of legendary Gianni Agnelli, who had adopted this slightly nonchalant way of wearing his ties.

PG believes this small “detail” makes all the difference… if you can work it.

As elegance is all about the  journey, it is our duty to seek new experiences that will propel us further still on our perpetual quest for personal style. Why not try it ?

Cheers, HUGO