Shoe shining lesson by Shoe Snob Justin Fitzpatrick


Shoe shining lesson by Shoe Snob Justin Fitzpatrick


Here is a very interesting link to a very well-made video (which is rare enough to mention), posted on the excellent website Mr Porter and “starring” Justin Fitzpatrick, aka The Shoe Snob, who you probably know is a close friend of Parisian Gentleman.

Justin is a truely fascinating American Gentleman, a former apprentice of  bootmaker extraordinaire Stefano Bemer (who passed away suddenly a few months ago) currently preparing for the launch of his very own line of shoes to be retailed at Gieves and Hawkes (1, Savile Row), where Justin already operates a shoeshine corner.

I personally am very admirative of Justin’s work, notably of his very early bespoke work made while under the wings of  Stefano (images below).

Of course, we will follow closely this young entrepreneur who has PG’s entire support.

In the meantime, have a glance at Justin’s superb blog : THE SHOE SNOB.

Long live the Shoe Snob !

Cheers, HUGO