On contemporary men's style

Here is a small taxonomy made on the fly, to the kind attention of all the marketing departments around the world. We'll never let you run out of archetypes ! Hang in there !

My tailor lives in Paris

Between 1923 and 1962, four Parisian tailoring institutions will enter Paris. If not for the resiliency of these four ateliers [...] the entire art of French tailoring would be lost, and that would be a great loss indeed.

Italy, Naples, and the Neapolitan Jacket

Peering out past the sweep of the great bay of Naples, there is a sense of ancient history steeped in sedimentary stone, as well as rich stories of the past echoing in the eyes of the people...

Of british tailoring

As a reminder, if not for posterity, we review what defines the traditional English cut, keeping in mind that the inspiration for English tailoring has primarily been the military uniform, and riding and hunting wear...

(A Text On) The Art of Being Discreet ...

... and A Few Secrets That You May Not Know. "Sometimes we even ask ourselves exactly how the art of dressing-well and finding one's personal style fits into the grand scheme of things?"