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Parisian Gentleman is an online magazine dedicated to classical men’s style founded in Paris in 2009.

Currently, PG has published more than 1,300 articles (news, reports, reviews, editorials and educational pieces), of which more than 750 articles are in French and more than 350 in English. PG also features 100+ articles in both Spanish and Italian.

With readers all around the world, we are building a community of passionate gentlemen in a quest for classical style and personal elegance.

PG evolved over the years to become a major voice in the great sartorial debate, averaging about 400 000 hits per month from all four corners of the earth.

PG’s content is separated into three main categories :

The PG Journal : which groups together news, articles, editorial pieces, product reviews, and reports highlighting the best craftsmen and houses the world over.

The PG Academy : a corpus of more than 200 articles entirely dedicated to basic and advanced education of the sartorial-minded who prefer elegance and classical style.

The PG Guide of Quality Houses : A handpicked selection of Houses from around the world with a persitent presence on PG. Each house features in pictorial detail 10 of their most iconic products to present to tens of thousands of sartorial aficionados.

The PG editorial team consists of :

Hugo Jacomet : Founder and Editor-in-Chief. An internationally acclaimed author on men’s style.

Sonya Glyn Nicholson : Editor-in-Chief of PG in English. AB Journalism. Acclaimed columnist and writer specializing in masculine bespoke tailoring and sartorial education.

Greg Jacomet : Editor & webmaster. Columnist and men’s scent correspondent for “The Rake”.

Dr Benjamin Wild : Contributing Editor. Lecturer at the Condé Nast University in London, fashion historian, author and blogger emeritus.

Adriano Dirnelli (pen name): Contributing Editor. Television journalist, entrepreneur, blogger extraordinaire, and men’s suit connoisseur.

Paul Lux (pen name) : Contributing Editor. Media corporation executive, veteran blogger, acute observer of all things sartorial and bona fide source of knowledge on luxury hotels.

Dr John Slamson (pen name) : Contributing Editor. University Professor, Doctor in Linguistics, jazz producer, author and writing instruments aficionado.

Emmanuel Laurent : Journalist, columnist, timepieces and (big) motorbikes connoisseur.

Anthony Hubault : Chief sommelier at “La Table du Connétable (** Michelin) in Chantilly, finalist of the “Best Craftsman in France” contest in 2014 (Wine-tasting category) and owner of the Hubault 1539 cave in Chantilly.

Andy Julia : Principal Photographer. PG’s veteran photographer. One of the rising stars of French Photography.


Contact the editiorial team : redaction@parisiangentleman.fr

Business contact for the PG Guide : media@parisiangentleman.fr