A semantic tragedy:
“Bespoke” used as
a catch-all word !


As you probably noticed, our so precious word “Bespoke” is nowadays abused by marketers of all sorts, and this is truly tragic. Today in Europe and in the USA, it is a word used indiscriminately used to sell everything from olive oil to bed sheets… Unfortunately this is far from being a recent phenomenon. Mass communication is a […]

Fashion vs Style : a few thoughts


PG is developing fast and comes in for daily criticism of course, mainly from the pure fashion aficionados. These fashionistas are often young and think that classic style lovers (like us) rigorously follow strict rules, whereas they are completely free and able to re-invent their style each season. To put it more clearly […]

The paradoxical
nature of Bespoke :
a school of discretion
and humility


I’ve grown accustomed to being subjected to the taunts and sneers of the populace who mock my insatiable appetite for beautiful craftsmanship and tailor made clothes. I would like to entertain my reader with some thoughts on the paradoxical nature of this passion of mine. Those who fell into it at one point or the other will know what I am talking about.

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